Doula Services

I began my work as a doula in 2006, after the birth of my first child. While pregnant, I was entranced with labor and birth. I find that I still am.Holly Rogalski, Chicago and Lake County doula and childbirth education

My intention as a doula is to support the mother and her partner/mother/sister/friends.  Often this means helping you navigate your options, without judgment or coercion.  I am not outcome-focused, meaning I do not consider a birth to be a success by a narrow criteria of unmedicated, or vaginal or fast. The only goal I have for you is that you feel supported, respected and loved.

Sometimes this is a very physical task of massage, hip-squeezes, fetching water, etc. Other times this is informational support of helping you get the details you need to make your choices. Sometimes I offer suggestions for positions or ways to help labor progress. And at times I am simply a calm presence, reassuring you and your partner that everything is normal and good. Often I enable the partner to support you fully by giving him/her breaks for food and rest, so that you have no gaps in your care.

I have supported women in home births, Cesarean births, three-day-long births, births with epidurals, VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), natural births, births after infertility and births after loss.  Every one was miraculous.

Labor Doula Services: $1800

– Email, text and phone support from signing of contract until 2 months after delivery

– One 2-hour prenatal visit in-home

– optional 2 prenatal visits via Zoom

– Access to my pre-recorded pain-coping course

– Access to my lending library of books and videos

– Attendance in any of my Childbirth Classes

– 24 hour on-call assistance beginning at 37 weeks gestation until delivery

– Continuous support through labor and 1-2 hours after delivery, with no hourly limit

– One postpartum visit lasting 60-90 minutes, in-home or via zoom

I only accept two clients per month. Payment plans are available. I am also able to accept payments from FSA or HSA accounts. 

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Labor Client Availability:

May: Full

June: Full

July: Full

August: Full

September: 2 openings

October: 2 openings

November: Full

December: 2 openings