Birth Story Listening

one-on-one sessions to help you uncover new truths from your birth

Coming soon!

I will be offering Birth Story Listening sessions in Chicago and Lake County beginning in December, 2017.

Listening sessions with Holly are an opportunity for the Story-Teller* to review her own birth experience without judgment or coddling. Instead, careful questioning and validation help the mother to uncover new truths about herself. Through this whole-brain and whole-heart activity, mothers leave with new insight and confidences, and often some self-love. This radiates into how they parent and live their lives.

The Birth Story Listening process was created by Pam England, founder of Birthing From Within, who is a midwife and holds a masters in Psychology-Counseling. For an in-depth explanation of the Birth Story Listening process, you can read more in the description from Birthing From Within.

Please inquire through the contact form to set an appointment or to learn more.

*The Story Teller is usually the mother. However, partners, doulas, nurses and medical professionals can benefit from this method of reframing and self-understanding. The sessions are available to any individual who seeks to process a challenging birth.