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You are among the initiated.

You have seen the raw reality of this glorious birth ordeal. You know the beauty, and you know the pain.

You know what new parents need to get through birth and postpartum.

What a sacred, hard job.

As a doula of 12 years, I have also watched my clients go through birth. I have experienced the frustration of WISHING my clients had known about the basic behaviors of laboring women. KICKING myself that we hadn’t gone over certain topics.

This is actually why I became a childbirth educator, to fully prepare my own clients for birth intensity.

But the reality is that parents aren’t making time to attend in-person classes anymore. It isn’t until they’re 4cm into it that they realize how much they don’t know!

As Birth class attendance declines, parents need an option that fits their lives.

And You need to know that they’re being prepared with realism, compassion and courage.

Become a Kick-Ass Ambassador. With your special link, your clients will get a $10 discount on all Kick-Ass Courses. You’ll receive a 20% commission for each referral.

But even better, you’ll know that they’re as ready as possible for ANYTHING that labor asks of them. Like warriors.

As an ambassador, you’ll experience:

Clients prepared for Intensity

The best way to prepare for the pain of birth is to look reality in the eye. Your clients can know from a deep place what labor really requires, taught with compassion and honesty.

Your busiest clients have an option

You know the ones – they don’t have time or space to take an in-person childbirth class. It’s not ideal, but it’s reality. Even those clients can get solid, full spectrum education at home!

Non-Outcome Focused Readiness

My courses emphasize that birth is unpredictable and sometimes the unforeseen happens. Help your clients minimize trauma by being ready to meet ANY sort of birth with presence.

20% Commission

Using your unique link, clients can save $10 off the cost of the course. And YOU receive 20% of all sales made through your link.

Support from Holly, the Creator

I’m always available to my students and my Ambassadors through email or the private Facebook group. We can talk shop, problem solve and go deeper.

Peace, knowing your clients are prepared

I have always had a clause in my doula contract, requiring my students to take a comprehensive birth course. I KNOW the dramatic difference it makes for new parents.

“It’s so awesome to just relax, knowing my patients are taking your course. It’s so hard to educate on the fly! But I can tell when they arrive at the hospital in labor, actually IN active labor, that they’ve had some good preparation. I can focus on my job and let the doula do her’s while the parents connect and work together. Holly, it’s a beautiful thing to see, and I tell all of my patients about your website!”

~Julie, Certified Nurse Midwife

Finally, an online birth course you can whole-heartedly stand behind.

Non-judgmental, open-hearted, honest.

It’s Easy.  It’s Free.

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Your clients will love this course and YOU will love knowing they’re holistically prepared for the full spectrum of childbirth.

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