Who is Holly?

And why should I trust her?



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Kick-Ass Birth is a vibrant refuge for the pregnant (and helpers of the pregnant) who crave soulful preparation for pregnancy, labor and parenting.


Holly Barhamand - the mad genius behind kickassbirth.com. And some bellies.

(I said, “I know! Let’s take a picture BETWEEN the bellies!” and no one stopped me…)

Launched in 2005 as a local resource for Chicago parents, (originally www.hollyhelps.us), Kick-Ass Birth now supports new parents all over the world through videos, handouts, articles and courses. I’ll take you beyond the practical suggestions (you’ll get that, too!) to get your hands dirty, and your habits changed as you begin to live your values. You’re in the right place if…

  • You are craving something deeper than Pinterest-pretty baby showers and hospital bag check-lists, but want to figure out who you are as parents. You care more about self-growth than having the ideal experience (or the ideal life, #letsbereal).
  • You want a no-bullshit approach. I will honor your intelligence and your individual path to self-discovery as you traverse this rite of passage. I’ll even ask you some good questions to get your emotional gears going.
  • You are simultaneously awed and overwhelmed by this task in front of you. “This baby has to come OUT? And then I have to RAISE it!?”. What sacred ground you’re standing on. Holy crap.
  • You are a little irreverent and often swim upstream. Or maybe you’re partnered with one of those types. You’re my kind of people.

Here’s the gist: you know how important this transition into parenthood is, and you don’t want to mess around.

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Lovely. But who is this Holly?

Holly Barhamand - mastermind behind kickassbirth.com (and some candles)


Well, thank you for asking. I am a Texas-transplant who moved to Chicago for a degree in Music and Art. Soon after graduating, an unexpected pregnancy catapulted me into the world of birth plans and stretch marks and the vast unknowns on the other side. (*spoiler alert*)  After that birth, I found I was still reading the books and talking about birth. Some big life changes, two more children, 10 years of doula work, and I’m still fascinated by the psychology of transition.

I have worked with hundreds of childbearing women since 2006 as a doula and childbirth educator. Increasingly over the years, students would request online resources or recordings of class (sometimes years after they’d taken it!). In 2015 I answered that call and began pouring my extra energy into this hub, this website where even more couples (you!) can have access to the things I’ve learned. It has quickly become my passion!

I am a Birthing From Within mentor with previous certifications through DONA and BirthWorks. Besides teaching expectant parents, I also train medical professionals in patient care and communication. I have three kids, two cats, five kettlebells and one driving obsession: to help you have a #kickassbirth.

(While I may have a ton of stuff to teach, I don’t pretend to know it all. In fact, please take a moment to read my disclaimer.)